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of gasoline. >>> san francisco giants are headed to the world series after a comeback against the defending champs the cardinal. the giants rowed the card 9-0 monday night and they take on -- routed the cards 9-1 monday night and they take on the tigers tomorrow in san francisco. >> did you see the rain? >> yes. >> and they finished in the rain. wow. the son of humphrey bogart and lauren ba-cal will help with a cause near to them. they are taping a psa for the esophageal cancer network. he lost his father to the disease in 1957. the psa will encourage people to be screened and let them knowheart burn can lead to cancer. diagnosis increased 400% in the past 20 years. >>> visitors to the dulaney valley memorial gardens can find peace and tranquility in an asian inspired space. it's designed in the tradition of feng shui and it's 7ic ahe is of pathways with animals and they have -- acres of pathways with animals and the design expert who created it says the feng shui was used in just cemeteries not in homes like today. a dedication ceremony happens tomorrow to officially on the garden to the p
series. pitcher ryan worked 7 outstanding innings allowing four hits. score from san francisco last night, 6-1. >>> we know that she loves to dance and make people laugh at the same time. ellen degenerous, being honored at the kennedy center. being awarded with mark twain prize for american humor. >>> coming off of a tough loss, the ravens will take time off and play pool tonight. the leech foundation is hosting the shoot for the cure celebrity billiards torn to raise money for the breast cancer foundation. >>> this is the annual new river gorge bridge day festival in west virginia. hundreds of base jumpers made the 876-foot plunge, it's more than 300-foot taller than the monument. it takes 9 seconds for jumpers to pull parachutes. >> i'm very scared. i'm always terrified. it's amazing to challenge yourself. >> this is the 33rd year for the festival. you know who is the adventurous spirit. >> would you give it a try? >> i was going to say no but i saw you could jump with somebody. great day to do a little bit of jumping. we will see plenty of sunshine. we see a cluster of showers and sto
parade in san francisco today. the world series champions san francisco giants will celebrate their victory with a ticker tape parade. this is the second in three years for the giants in major league baseball, claiming the top prize. >>> not everyone dealing with the flood waters from sandy. in western maryland a very different story. they're actually shoveling a lot. >> up there three feet of snow in some places. this is what it looks like in garrett county. plow trucks out in full force, trying to clear the snow from the roads. things got so bad tuesday a 50- mile stretch of interstate 68 had to be shut down. that stranded truckers and drivers for a number of hours. road foreman mark wells had had to cut back 50 to 60 trees just to get to work. >> it's treacherous, the trees were falling behind me as fast as i was cutting them out in front of me. i've seen a lot of snow up here, but not from a hurricane. >> power outages in that area because of the wet snow, it's breaking the tree limbs. a blizzard warning continues through today. so they definitely have a mess on their han
. turns out parking is certainly an issue in san francisco. that comes as no surprise if you've ever been to the city. people there are not afraid to leave those nasty notes. they disapprove of your parking job. >> i like your penmanship. >> that's not me. >> there is a new service curb text and send short anonymous texts to the car owner to let them know if they are blocking a driveway or maybe they're parked somewhere where they shouldn't be. >> we're proud to say that just a week ago, that actually the first neighbor to neighbor curb text was sent and someone was letting someone know that their car was about to get ticketed. >> 300 people have registered so far for curb text. it is the hope that neighbors look out for each other instead of nasty notes. >> people can be mean. no need to do that. >> and if you let someone know your meter is about to be running out, that could be helpful. >>> what is your variance tape caught on camera. we will show you police officers now investigating this morning. >> and also some hard times are hitting the university of phoenix. the move they plan to
series. they are playing oakland and with the cincinnati series, they are playing san francisco. so the time could change but whatever you need to know wednesday night, there will be baseball in new york, guys. >> looking forward to it thanks so much charley. get warm and get a cup of cocoa or something. i am sure you will be down there all week long. get used to it. before we go we want to leave you with great video that makes you say oh. this is poochs taking part in an olympic style competition. my dog couldn't do that. take a look. this is from the hurdle to the obstacle courses and look at that even in the pool. catching and jumping in the pool. so these dogs can do just about anything any time all leaving you wondering with one question. can my dog do that. all of us have dogs up here. you have velvet who is a couch potatoe. >> yeah. my lap yes. >> all right. >> you. >> reporter: sophie is a couch potatoe. >> that wouldn't be for them. but share those pet pictures on facebook lauren might use one as a caption this. >> and keep orioles pictures coming too. >> absolutely. >> rep
that caught people by attention in the san francisco bay area. some residents say the homes shook making them think it was an earthquake. turns out it was a meteor streaking across the sign and it was roughly the size of a car. now, you want to talk about the meteor or do you want to talk about the snow? >> about the snow. i think that we're doing to get some snow in here. not going to be what we had last season at all. but for today no type of snow whatsoever. we are dealing with temperatures in the 50s basically from kent island to baltimore even bel air this morning. let's take you outside in bel air. you can see what's going on. well, we have some clouds out there and also some clear skies so that sun/cloud mix will continue as we go throughout the day. so if prepared for that. now at the surface high pressure is out into the atlantic right now. we're waiting for the comfort to move through -- cold front to move through. ahead of that we have some showers and thunderstorms. and those will make their way in here as we go mainly into the evening into the overnight tomorrow morning. so we lo
in ohio today. >>> game two of the world series is tonight. and right now, the san francisco giants, they are one game up on the detroit tigers. they won last night and they won pretty big. 8-3. first pitch tonight is at 8:07. >>> just a few lines written with a pen with a very simple idea. listen. this young man said i wanted to know if you could use my idea for breast cancer awareness. the fifth grader from new jersey was watching a giants' game against the browns earlier this month and it gave him an idea. they're already wearing the pink cleats and the gloves, but why no pink penalty flags? roger goodell liked the idea and this coming sunday as the jets take on the dolphins at metlife stadium. the young man is going to be there presenting pink flaks like the -- flags like the ones you see her to the refs. they're going to put the yellow laundry if the pocket for one game. >> i like it. >>> as october nears you will be seeing more and more halloween themed movies and tv specials. >> you will gather to watch the classic it's the great pumpkin charlie brown. however one dad says it
take on the san francisco giants as this is game one. >> we don't know who will sing the national anthem for game one but we know common for game 5 -- come monday for game 5 it will be aretha franklin. she opened game 3 of the alcs last year and the town's beloved tigers won the game and fans are hoping for a similar result this year. >> all right a star stuned turn out for the premier of the james bond movie. sky fall and celebrities walked down the red carpet including prince charles. daniel craig spoke to cnn about how the character changed over the years. >> i think that's what is special about it. each individually they added to the whole thing and i am a fan of all of them. and it's just an honor to be part of it. >> sky fall hits u.s. theaters on november 9th. and a quick note for the fans out there of show time's emmy award winning show homeland. you can look forward to getting another season of the show. the gripping action because the hit show has been renewed for a third season. >> yeah excited about that. >> i love that show. it's so good. >> what's it called. >> homel
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8